Too Many Animals

My cat is a tiger of an animal. She’s cute and loveable at times, purring as loud as can be. At other times she’s attacking everything. Combine her with the other animals I have, it’s like a circus in my house. There’s birds flying all over the place. There’s dogs barking and dumping over chairs and garbage cans. There’s more than one cat getting into mischief. So I decided to open up circus workshops where people can come and train my animals just like if they were circus animals. It has worked so far. The tiger of a cat acts like a real tiger right on cue. That was the easy part. The hard part is getting her to stop on demand. The dogs are being trained to jump through hoops instead of over chairs. The birds are learning to fetch things while flying through the air. They even fetched a toupee off someone’s head. So all in all it has become a great experience.

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Great Marketing Tactics

There are tons of different marketing strategies and there is no question that the best way that most companies have found is simply to let the customers know that they are there, repeatedly. This is the basis of the majority of marketing tactics, although things are drastically changing. When I used to work for a marketing company, they were developing different techniques that would get a potential customer introduced to a product, although it was not focused on getting them to purchase a product in the future. It was called experiential marketing and the goal was simply to get a potential customer involved in trying out a product and to spark their interests, from within themselves entirely, which would hopefully translate into them seeking out the product on their own in the future. The results were shockingly great, with a ton of people feeling no pressure and enjoying the products.

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My Trip To The Museum Of Art

Today I visited the local museum of art and took a walk around seeing all the beautiful works and pondering the meaning and reason behind each one. The art museum is an excellent place to go if you are stressed because it’s quiet and calming I also find it is a good place to bring someone on a date as well since it is a low pressure environment were you can get to know each other and find out each others interests. You also can learn a lot from the exhibition staff there, just ask them any question you like about the art and they can most likely answer it for you or at least point you in the right direction. I feel more in touch with the local culture, it was a great experience and I recommend you visit your local museum as well in the near future.

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Professionals for hire

Most of the college graduates go through a huge hustle in the final year of college wondering how they are going to make their last semester presentations. Well now there are architects out there that are willing to make your final year project come alive.

They will definitely take pride in assisting students through designing and creating any model you see fit. These architects for education projects do not come cheap but they do come in handy when it comes to defending your doctoral studies. They say pictures say a lot but I believe a real life model will say it all. It will definitely make it easier for your audience to understand whatever you are presenting.

Asides from being useful in defending your thesis, these models will also come in handy should you land a teaching gig at any learning institution. Trust me it counts to let professionals by your side.

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New Hospital Designs Much Improved

Twenty years ago when I first was put in hospital for the first time with a chronic illness, I was very sade and disenchanted with the environment of the healthcare facility and especially with the healthcare architecture. Being an architect and design engineer myself, I found the building designs to be lackluster, plain, and institutional. How would such an environment ever make people feel better with such boring and prison-like architecture?

Having been recently hospitalized again after a 20 year span of health, I was plesant surprised at how far hospital architecture had come in the interim. I was greated by clean, sleek, and modern buildings that were inviting and reminded me of modern office architecture. The other decor was pleasing and used a variety of color with attention to the aesthetics of the healing environment. I am very pleased that hospital archetecture in general has improved so much. We can be sure that such designs make for a much more recuperative place to heal in.

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My Money Making Plan Has Gone Astray

Ground silica was to be the answer to my prayers. Having contacts in a country with 18,000 islands, each with sandy beaches was going to mean my ship had finally come in.

It should have been easy to arrange collecting many metric tons of silica sand and grind it to the proper consistency. Knowing how to export from Indonesia was something that I had already done.

What I did not know was about a disease called silicosis, sometimes called potters rot. A disease that insidiously creeps in the air while sand is ground into a fine flour-like consistency. That small, previously, unknown fact was what operations expenses to border on the unreasonable.

Bankers, and backers, being as they are. The slightest hint of loss just about cleared any chance of getting this project off the ground. Thus I sit here on the beach wondering about what might have been.

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Tactics to Attract Customers

When I was working in the auto industry a handful of years ago, one of the things I started to notice was that nearly every company used promo girls London in order to attract more attention to their products. I thought it was a bit tacky at first, but when you think about it, a great deal of the shows that a lot of people go to feature women dressed in scantily clad clothing, which is a big draw in for a lot of people. Although a ton of people are truly fans of racing and want to come to see and discuss the various cars and parts that are coming out, hands down one of the biggest things that attracted people was the beautiful women. In the end, I guess it is true in the end that if you want to sell a lot of products, you should add some sex appeal.

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Going Home After A Great Vacation

I am so busy, and I do not get a lot of time to travel. However, when I do get the opportunity to get out of town, I really cherish those moments. I just go back from the best vacation ever. I went to Walt Disney World, which was somewhere that I have always wanted to go.

I stayed there for five days. While I was there, I was able to ride several of the rides and enjoy the delicious food that they had there. I was also able to meet and take pictures with some of the Disney characters. Additionally, I purchased a few souvenirs that I could take home with my family members and friends.

On my way home, I stopped by the store and purchased some resin bound permeable paving materials. It was a six hour drive, but I would definitely do it again.

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